Operational Risk Management through Occupational Health and Safety

With a theme taken for the current financial year to achieve ‘Zero Harm’ through integration of efficient safety systems, several actional interventions have been taken to ensure workmen safety and well-being. While reactive measures are important to control incidents, we believe in taking proactive measures to achieve excellence in operational health and safety.


Building resilience in responding to emergencies:
Approximately 10% of the overall factory strength at out Kondrapadu factory constituted to form an
Emergency Response Team (ERT). The 25 ERT members were split into 3 teams – Floor Wardens, Fire
Fighters and First Aiders. The ERT will undergo a series of training to be fully equipped in emergency
handling and evacuation.

Fire Fighting:
Through trained auditors and experts, fire infrastructure at the Kondrapadu facility was audited and
the employees and workers at PSS were provided a training on responding to fire emergencies and
usage of firefighting infrastructure. 90 manhours of training were delivered on fire fighting in FY
2022-23 and in-house fire fighters are equipped and prepared to handle fire emergencies effectively.

Basic Life Support and First Aid Training:
Through Red Cross Society, employees and workers at Kondrapadu facility were trained on
responding to medical emergencies and administering first aid promptly. 120 man hours of training
were provided on basic life support and fire aid in FY 2022-23.


Creating a safety culture by celebrating  safety
Recognising Health and Safety as a critical aspect of factory and warehousing operations, Safety
Week was celebrated to spread awareness on Occupational Health and Safety. This safety week was
seen as a catalyst to consciously prioritize safety in our operations and sensitize the workforce on its