With strong infrastructural support, we are among the largest tobacco exporters in India, consistently delivering high-quality products to our customers across the globe. We take great pride in offering the best products to our customers, who are situated in 56 different countries.


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Seasonal Labour Force


Storage Warehouses


Processing Plants

Our Story of Growth

The Past

How it began

Sri. Polisetty Somasundaram, who began his career as a merchant and exporter of Indian leaf tobacco, founded the company in 1943.

The company grew rapidly over 80 years, expanding into the large
and extensive enterprise it is today, with multiple processing plants and storage warehouses.

Sri. Polisetty Somasundaram also
instilled a spirit of dynamism and entrepreneurial drive
that is nurtured by the current generations.

The Present

Making it happen

Polisetty continues to soar to new heights under the able
leadership of Mr. Shyam Sundar, the son of Mr. Hari Prasada
Rao. Having worked closely with his father, he infused a new sense
of vibrancy and vigour into the organisation. Together, they
made a dynamic team and continuously invested in
innovative technology to take Polisetty to even greater

The Future

Tapping future potential

The future brims with potential, and Polisetty endeavours to
establish a strong international base to grow and capture newer
markets. Never shying from embracing advanced
technology, Polisetty envisions a future brimming with
vast and wide business opportunities.

that Guide us

Ethical business practices

We prioritize transparency, integrity, and honesty in all our operations

High-quality standards

We aim for excellence in everything we do and always go the extra mile for our customers


We strive to develop products that meet the changing needs and preferences of our customers


We believe in nurturing and rewarding our people, who are our biggest resource

“We are a People-driven Organization and hold unwavering trust in our Teams”

Polisetty Somasundaram

Meet our Team

Our Team comprises more than 360 individuals who play a crucial role in our company's success. We have some core Teams across the organization whose efforts transform our vision into a successful reality, day after day.

  • Leadership Members
  • Leaf Department
  • Factory Members
  • Accounts & Finance

Sri. Polisetty Sri Hari Prasadarao

Sri. Polisetty Shyam Sundar

Sri. Polisetty Srirama Chandra Murthy

Sri. Polisetty Gopala Krishna Murthy

Craig Johnston

D. Vidyardhana Rao

H.L. Vasudeva

J.R. Silas

J. Raghuram Prasad

P. Ramakrishna Reddy

A. Surendra

A. Ramanjaneyulu

Y. Lakshman

Y. Chandrasekharao

K.V. Ganesh

N.M.S Prasad

A. V. Bhaskar Rao

Prem Chand

Bashirulla Khan

N.VL. Vinay Kumar

N. Venkateswarlu

P. Sagar Babu

T. Srinivasa Rao

V. Suresh Babu

We are growing & expanding to new business opportunities

Dehydrated Fruits and Vegetables

Real Estate

Nashik, India

We believe in exploring new opportunities that align with our core values of innovation, sustainability, and community development, and have ventured into the processing of premium-grade fruit and vegetables at a plant especially set up in Nasik.


We have ventured into the real estate industry to develop and lease commercial property to large corporations to provide for their industrial warehousing needs.

We are currently spread across Chennai, Guntur, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Mumbai and Nellore.